A Guidebook of Alternative Nows is a collaboratively created book.
34 visionary creative thinkers and makers contributed to this book which illuminates ways of devising more socially, economically, and ecologically just versions of now.

“Other worlds are possible, but only if we exercise the proper care towards their emergence.”

“Risk-taking is not a solo act.”
- Temporary Services

“The culture of death needs to be jammed.”
- The Yes Men

“It is time to launch the largest explosion of practical experimentation that our society has ever seen.”
- Ethan Miller

“…Building an 'alternative' is always an act of hope, it’s an embodied refusal of the present which unblocks the reigning paralysis fostered by apocalyptic predications of the future. It is a lot easier to imagine the world ending than changing it for the better because there is always comfort in thinking we know what will happen. Ultimately to act from a place of hope is to let go of certainty and to trust that the greatest potential lies within the unknowable.”
- The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

Publisher: The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press, 2012
Concept: Amber Hickey
Editor: Amber Hickey
Graphic Design: Angelina Köpplin
Cover Art: Mary Tremonte

Paperback book with two alternative covers, 266 pages, Color,
17 x 24 centimeters (6.7 x 9.45 inches).

Available for purchase from Justseeds, Half Letter Press, and The Book Society.

Download in PDF form for free.